3 details make the difference in acetate eyewear

Let’s introduce the 3 points that traditional acetate eyewear producers in Europe are totally different than the cheaper producers in Asia.

  • Tumbling again and again

    In acetate productions one of the most important production stage, is the finishing and polishing method. Tumbling machines are used with different materials, in order to smooth the frame, and make it sharp and shiny.

    The old good traditional way of production consists of 4 different tumbling stages with each stage need of one or one and a half day. In Asia the procedure that is followed in average is about 2 tumbling machines, one for the hard and one for the soft material.

    The high-end product can be recognized even from the end consumer from the smoothness and the elegance of the polishing.

  • High class materials

    You never know what material has been used in order your product to be produced. In Asia it is much easier to get raw materials from China and for Europe it is much easier to get raw materials from European factories where the standards of production are significantly higher than Asia.

    Despite the fact that you see same colors or designs, quality of material is totally different. A big part of the production cost difference is owed to higher class raw materials.

  • Design proposals

    If you are looking for something different for your collection, by choosing acetate models sometimes choices are limited. In order to present something different in acetate eyewear, you have to work hard on the design. Acetate is always acetate and the average manufacturers are just reproducing the same and same models each season.

    In order to achieve a high class outcome for your acetate collection you have to be creative. Do not be limited by the material. That’s the reason a creative designer is more than needed.

    Some ideas could be special treatment on the surface of the frame, like wood finish or matte finish, or lamination tricks with engravings through layers or different metal parts, like new 5 barrel hinges from European factories (Visottica, OBE etc) and generally you have to follow all the latest developments.